Blue Sky, Beachy Decor & Salt On The Rocks

It seems like forever since I’ve had a free moment to sit and blog. Our home was photographed for a feature in The Oregonian newspaper. I’ve been micro-cleaning in full OCD mode! Also, we participated in Portland’s Ultimate Open House Tour last month which was a great success. Thanks to everyone who came through!! Our house isn’t for sale. We took part just to help promote Palisade Homes and meet more of our community.  I was quite exhausted after the two week tour and looking for some R&R on the back deck with some sunshine.

With the long Memorial Day weekend nearing and nothing but rain in the forecast, my husband and I looked online for empty seats to Southern California. We found some and flew out with the kids just a few hours later! I’m never spontaneous like that.  One might say we were Jonesing for some sun, needing a break, or going crazy. Yes to all the above. As much as I hate to fly (yes, I was a flight attendant for 5 years), I just love passing through the clouds and seeing blue sky does really exist. My 7-year-old son asked me, “Mom, how come I can’t see heaven up here?” I wanted to say, “Son, you live in Oregon. Blue sky IS heaven.” But instead we had a very nice deep chat over our ginger ale. I could feel everyone’s ears perk up near us to see as to how I would answer that. And don’t you know they both perked up and chuckled when he asked, “Will we see bodies floating up to heaven?” Honestly I welcome these questions any day while 35,000 ft in the air instead of the,  “Mom, what’s keeping our big plane in the air?” I hate to think about that one.

We landed safely and headed to Newport Beach for a beautiful sunset before driving to Palm Desert. We are fortunate to have a family home in the Desert which we tend to visit once or twice a year. It’s right next to the big Marriott hotel (above). During the day, we walk the grounds of the hotel and visit the talking parrots. As the sun sets, we take a seat in the lobby, sip on margaritas on the rocks, and take in the fabulous bachelorette parties rolling through for the holiday weekend. Hilarius!

We enjoyed several days of much-needed R&R and swung through Laguna Beach on our way to the airport. I fell in love with this quaint beach town. I didn’t see Lauren Conrad or any of the MTV cast. But better yet, I found the most FABULOUS nautical decor shop. It was whales, horses, jute, chippy paint and Japanese floats. Nope. Not a single bird in the whole place! Birds are so yesterday here. Typical trendy LA. Portland did have one thing on them though. Not a single salvaged looking piece was actually reclaimed. Go Portland! I am so pleased to share this amazing collection of beachy finds from Tuvalu, Laguna Beach.

License Plate Ottoman











Refreshed and rested indeed!


Hope you all get some blue sky this week…..and margaritas salted on the rocks.

xoxo, Sarah


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3 Responses to Blue Sky, Beachy Decor & Salt On The Rocks

  1. ok! we have way to much to catch up on! travels, that beach store, etc!!!!! lets get together soon!

  2. Ruth says:

    How fun to take a quick trip to the beach. I love that shop!! It’s filled with so many beautiful treasures.


  3. That store looks adorable! I just recently moved from Portland to So Cal…about 30 mins from Palm Desert actually…and we LOVE the blue sky that’s around ALL the time! I am drinking it in after 29 years of living in OR! Glad you guys had a restful weekend! 🙂

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