NEW – Urban Farm Condo






Carriage Doors Between Study and Dining

Bowling Alley Wood Dining Table


 Well, I’m trying for the second time to post a bunch of fabulous photos from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s condo. Many of the photos are still not posting, but at least a few good ones are here to share with you. It’s a love-hate relationship with my computer right now.

Their condo sits in downtown Portland between the Willamette River and OHSU hospitals. In a short time of living here, they’ve taken the bare white walls, covered them in brick vaneer, and hung reclaimed carriage doors.

The doors were a find from Rejuvenation Hardware in Portland. They were covered in coats of paint. They had them stripped and professionally painted by an artist with shades of white, grey and black to bring back the salvaged look and accent nail holes. The walls are adorned by their daughter Hanna’s canvas artwork which she sells at “Hunt & Gather” in the Pearl District.

The dining table is made from a salvaged bowling alley and styled with Glassy Baby votive holders. I love her mix-and-match style of modern pieces with farm house flare!

Tram Between OHSU Hospitals

Our fun day in the city included tubing on their boat and watching the OHSU tram wiz by from their living room window. If you’re ever in Portland, the OHSU tram is a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of the city!

We are taking in every day of sunshine here in the NW, which in turn has put me on a cyber-diet!….less Facebook, blogging, and Twitter, more gardening, parks, and smores!


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