Erasing Wrinkles and Acorn Lamps

  OK, so I can’t believe 2011 is almost history. This has been a wonderful year of embracing my mid-motherhood-crisis (that’s when your kids go off to school and you decide what the heck you want to do when you grow up). It has included starting this blog to inspire creativity, buying a piano to teach myself  (Lady GaGa of course), joining a bible study, and waiting patiently for that next chapter. God has always had his perfect timing with me. Sometimes it’s frustrating cause I’m not the patient type. But Jesus is my wing-man and he never lets me down.

Well….it’s come. I took my dream job! I partnered with the two doctors that created Proactiv in their new venture to take over the 2.5 billion anti-age industry. I have a virtual franchise in the company and I’m coaching / training others to do the same. I’ve gone from rescuing old crappy furniture, to rescuing people from their crappy jobs! Brittney Spears Mom, Lynne also works with our company doing what I do. I will meet her at our March training. Pinch me! When you’re a retired pro-dancer and entertainer like me, being in her presence is like royalty. I might bow and wear a fancy hat.  (Details on my new gig are HERE)

So, crafting has taken a bit of a hiatus.  Somewhere in between insanely busy and busy though, I knew I needed to do something to my lampshades. Heaven forbid they be naked. My former coffee filter shades got moved to the living room on some vintage opal glass lamps I found. These lamps are huge. They were so ugly when I rescued them from Craigslist for all of $10! I ordered the crystals on Ebay.

These blue glass lamps (below) that used to have the coffee shades got adorned with basic shades from Target that were boring my eyeballs into a turkey induced coma. zzz.  With some scraps of linen fabric and burlap, acorn tops and hot glue, they gave birth. These took only about 15 minutes to makeover. yay! Thought I’d share….

I promise to bring you some holiday pics of my home and my favorite killer recipe I’ve been rockin’ in the kitchen and it’s been rockin’ on my thighs. So long as I can wrap my apron strings around my waist and tie them in the FRONT, I’ll keep baking.  Happy holidays. Happy crafting! xo Sarah


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