I’ve Partnered With The PROACTIV Doctors! Care to join me?

I have a DEEP passion for design, but when I caught wind of this, I dropped my staple gun and ran like a cheap pair of panty hose! I was at the right place at the right time. And so are you! Listen up…..

I have partnered with the two Drs, Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields that founded the world’s #1 acne medication, Proactiv Solutions. I basically have a virtual franchise with their new company. What they did for the acne, they are commited to do with the 2.5 billion dollar anti-age industry… own it! This is a recession proof industry expected to grow to 5 billion by 2015.

Their new line of products is called Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. It was the #1 clinical anti-age line at Nordstrom and a top seller at Bloomingdale’s, Neimen Marcus, and Macy’s. Being the pioneers of marketing that they are, they have taken it out of retail to reach the masses. They are giving us all the opportunity to own a piece of the franchise and develop our own independent business.

Their AMP-MD acupuncture needle roller delivers such “botox-like” results that ALLURE magazing and the Today Show, are calling it a “Anti-Age Beauty Product of 2011”. It doesn’t hurt. I promise. This thing is pure awesomeness. It’s SPANX for your face, neck & hands! It’s secret? It gets retinol/peptide containig surum UDER the skin where it can build collagen!

60 days on the AMP MD Aniti-Age Regimen

16 Weeks On REVERSE

ANTI-AGE Regimen with AMP-MD Roller


AMP MD roller with ANTI-AGE Lip Renew Serum. Hello colagen!

More Free Press in Bazaar for our new ANTI-AGE Lip Renew SerumNew Lip Renew Serum! Boosts colagen and erase lip lines


New Lip Renew Serum! Boost up your colagen and erase lip lines

AMP MD roller

1 Month with AMP MD Roller

The AMP MD needle roller isn’t the only skin-changing product in the doctors’ new line. The REVERSE regimen reverses age spots and sun damage both on and under the skin. ANTI-AGE Lip Serum plumps the lips and boosts collagen when applied after the needle roller.

I am so excited to be a part of this ground-floor opportunity. It’s like being at the beginning of Proactiv! My business has taken off and I am focused on training and coaching others to do the same.

If you are interested in partnering with the doctors, click HERE. If you are interested in product, use the doctors’ solution tool. I’d love to help you  “re-decorate” your skin and your financial future! – Sarah

Rodan + Fields Dermatologiests, Business Developer & Consultant, LorenzHomes@comcast.net


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