Put A Bird On It

“Portlandia” has busted me….and every other craftpreneur out there. So funny!  The store they’re at is here in Portland.

Stay tuned for next season’s, “Put a Burlap Sack On It”, “Put A Coffee Filter On It” and “Put Chalk Board Paint On It”. 

Watch Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XM3vWJmpfo

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Thankful Thursday!

Wow! Such an honor to have one of my FAVORITE bloggers, Jennifer at Tatertots & Jello, feature me today! Her site is stacked full of great ideas! My email was blowing up with readers subscribing to my blog after she featured me. Seriously, so honored…speechless, grateful, humbled. Goosebumps. I just ADORE inspiring women to get creative! In the spirit of not letting my new readers down, here’s what I’m up to today….


We are getting ready to feature our home in “The Ultimate Tour of New Homes” here in Oregon. Our home will be open to the public for two weekends. Of course, I feel I have to have everything looking photo-ready and finish up a gazillion DIY project. Sorry for the very non-photoshoped photos, but here’s what I’m working on this week. I know. I know. I should crop, and lighten up the exposure. But, with SO many project to get done, I can’t slow down. Reheat coffee, GO, reheat coffee, glue, reheat coffee, staple! 🙂



$15 Craigslist Chandelier Spray PaintedI grabbed this ugly brown wooden chandelier off of Craigslist for $15! I spray painted it white. Added some teal paint and hand sanded. I ordered the aqua crystals from Ebay and top crystal beads from Michaels crafts. Turned upside down they look like candle flames and sparkle beautifully. Chandelier Will Hang Above This Area


Chandelier Will Hang Above This Area

Target Lamp With Coffee Filter Covered Shade
 I just finished these lamp shades and working on finishing up the chairs.  


Yikes. The Craigslist chairs, a.k.a. the “Betty White Golden Girls Estate Sale” chairs. They were so ugly!


Coffee Filter Covered Mirror

This old silver framed mirror was sitting in a closet. 4 hours of hot glue and a zillion glue sticks later….  A little more personality!

Close Up Of Mirror

Sweet little bird plates from TJMaxx $2.99

Only the fanciest plate hangers for me! lol Gotta love a hot glue gun! I ain’t gonna lie… This particular plate fell off the wall because I should NOT have glued the jute onto the sticker. The weight of the plate was too much, the sticker peeled, the plate fell. It didn’t break though! Yah. A re-glue and now it’s good.

They also had these $2 white plates at TJMaxx. A little craft paint and willing hands…….and voila. Priceless keepsake. Now my bare wall is filled up with color and joy. Walking down the stairs with laundry to put away is a little more enjoyable!

Tys A Crafting PRO!

And while I’m writing this, the kids are in the kitchen ALONE dying eggs. Great job! Just a little messy but this why I did NOT install marble though. It’s granite ONLY for this crafty house. Next time I’ll lay lipped cookie sheets under their dying are. FYI- The burlap covered Easter decoration (above) is just a floral foam block with Dollar Store eggs poked in it and burlap wrapped. 5 minute, $5 craft!

My Babies Almost 5 And “Can Do By Myself, Mommy” 🙂

Big WELCOME and HUG to all my new readers! I’m SO happy we’ve met here.

xox Sarah
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Sarah’s Super Healthy Oatmeal Chewies


Someone save me. I can’t stop eating these! Once a month it strikes me. Hormones. Ugh. From the time I wake up, I want a cookie for breakfast (or three)…one for lunch….and 2 for dinner.

Sarahs Healthy Oatmeal Chewies

Well, why can’t we “have our cookie and eat it too”? These little babies will keep you on track with your fitness goals when even the biggest sweet tooth strikes. They are like a little guilt-free mini meal. 

I hope you find your own enjoyment tweaking my recipe. Sometime I throw in some vanilla protein powder, fresh spinich, sunflower seeds, or ground raw almonds. Follow these basic recipe guidlines and they’ll turn out great. And, YES, your kids will love them. (Just don’t let them see you make them!) I call the kids in to the kitchen to help when it’s time to lick the spoon and put chocolate chips on top. Chances are they are much healthier than their breakfast cereal. Let them eat them for breakfast and think, “My Mom ROCKS!”. ‘Cause you DO rock, but sometimes they need a cookie to remind them.

Preheat 375, Bake time 8 mins on convection, maybe a min or two longer otherwise

10 pitted dates (find at the store next to raisins)

1/2 a zucchini, cubed

1 apple, cubed

1/4 c honey, or agave nectar for vegans*

2 tsp vanilla

1/4 c canola oil, or softened soy butter

1 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 c whole wheat flour. I use Bob’s Red Mill Whole Wheat Graham Flour. *For gluten-free use their brown rice flour, coconut flour, or quinoa flour

1/2 c ground flaxseed

1/2 c brown sugar or sucranat

1 1/2 c raisins

1 c old fashion oats

semi-sweet chocolate chips, or vegan chips*, or Craisins

Place dates in a blender or food processor with a 1/2 c hot water over top. Soak at least 5 minutes to soften. Add zucchini, apple, and honey. Blend to form a puree.

Place puree in a mixing bowl and slowly spoon in all remaining ingredients.

Place on baking sheet and add 6 chocolate chips or Craisins on top of each cookie

Bake at 375 degrees for 8 mins.

It’s raining. Fire up your ovens and enjoy! xox Sarah

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A Tisket, A Tasket, I LOVE This Basket!

I bought a TON of flowers this week and quickly ran out of pots. I LOVE bringing nature inside the home and vice versa. I had this ragged old basket that wasn’t being used. I stapled plastic (a folded up yard and garden black garbage bag) inside this basket. I put the pots inside the basket. (I had to place pots on top of some other empty upside-down plastic flower pots to provide height.) Soon the trailing white flowers will be pouring over the basket. Why the heck didn’t I think to do this years ago. Just love it!

A little left over chalk board paint (from Home Depot) spruced up these old pots. Just tape off your area, paint, dry and write.

Just need some sunshine to get these growing. No lack of water in the NW right now!


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Installing Interior Barn Doors

Palisade Homes, West Linn Oregon

Bringing sliding barn doors inside the home is a fun way to add instant character and charm. The look of sliding doors can range from a salvaged cottage-look to a more clean and modern style.

Palisade Homes, West Linn Oregon

The photos above are a salvaged barn door I installed. I found an online company, Crown Industrial, to make the black powder-coated track. http://www.crown-industrial.com/.

The door and handle were treasures I found at Aurora Mills salvation yard in Aurora, Oregon . http://www.auroramills.com/. This door took our carpenters hours to install having to work around some warp and varying widths of it. Ugh. So worth it though! My husband had the doors (pictured below) in a clients house using a box-style track system. These were brand new doors and the installation was much simpler. Our cabinet company we use, Imperial Cabinets, can also produce some great looking replica salvaged doors.

Palisade Homes, West Linn Oregon

 Here’s some other fun hanging doors I LOVE!…

Southern Living

Crown Industrial

Crown Industrial

Crown Industrial

If you don’t have a doorway to install these looks, you can simply hang a pair of doors on a track onto a large wall. This really anchors a room and gives the illusion of another room behind it. Also at the Aurora Mills Salvation, I found some pieces of salvaged barn wood to make this custom 5’x5′ mirror with, below.

My Home, DIY Salvaged Barn Wood Mirror

Hope this gets your creative wheels turning!


xox, Sarah

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Never Waste Fruits and Veggies Again

Smoothie Ingredients

I had a lot of procude that was a few days old and needed to be consumed or frozen. Food starts dying once it’s picked. So eat up quickly or freeze it to preserve all it’s nutrients! This WHOLE plate of fruits and veggies went into my blender to make 3 large breakfast smoothies. I added a spash on honey, too.


That’s a TON of digestive enzymes, nutrients and energy packed goodness. I didn’t add protein powder or flaxseed which I sometimes do.

I still had a ton of left over produce. Rather than going to waste, I threw it all in the blender to make ice cube sized “smoothie nuggets” for a later day.

I made the following flavored cubes:    “A Tropical Fruits ” blend with mango, pinnapple, banana, orange,  peaches, pear and carrots.

A “Greens Blend” with spinich, wheat grass, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce and kale

A “Green Apple” blend with apples, mint leaves, wheat grass, lemon, and honey. And an “antioxident berry” blend with mixed berries, wheat grass and spinich.

It took some time and was a big mess in the kitchen. But these will be SO handy to grab out of the freezer now!

Slowly add some raw fruits and veggies to your diet and you’ll be amazed at how wonderful you feel! I’m so happy I’ve been turned on to this new way of eating. I feel so much lighter, clearer and healthy.

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The Skinny on Eating Raw

Fresh Wheat Grass

If someone told me last month that I would be buying a cart full of fruits and vegetables or that my sugar-craving kids would be sucking down kale smoothies, I’d say they’ve fallen off the Charlie Sheen-crazy-wagon! Other than some fruit and salad fixings, I’m guilty of not buying a lot of produce. It just seems to go to waste. I feed my kids a lot of processed foods (hot dogs, chicken strips, etc) and throw a handful of apple slices on their plate. Who am I kidding? It’s like anchoring The Titanic with a Dixie cup.  What’s the point.

Sarah's Gogi Fudge

My interest in raw came from making some healthy treats. I have a serious sweet tooth! My treats became a challenge for me. Making them gluten-free, vegan and 100% raw so I could eat them for breakfast was my goal! I came up with some yummy deserts including my gogi-fudge. I made these with majool dates, nuts, ground flax, agave, gogi berries, raw cacao, and cacao butter. (Certainly ingredients I had NEVER bought before!)  The raw Cacao, cacao butter and gogi are “superfoods” and give you energy. These treats were a wonderful pre or post-workout snack. This discovery got me exploring the pages of raw cookbooks for more knowledge. I can tell you after my findings, eating 100% raw in NOT for me! The loads of preparation dehydrating foods overnight and the lack of variety are unrealistic to me. Besides what can be so wrong with hard-boiled eggs, corn tortillas, hummus, chicken and fish? These are some of my favs and I can feel them nourish my body. But, it did get me looking at the lack of fruits and veggies in my family’s diet. My 7 yr old son should be getting a recommended 5 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruits. Yikes. I’ve got some catching up to do!

Off to the grocery store I went. I bought some kale and wheat grass (for the first time). I came home and make a fresh smoothie with the kale. Here’s what I used…

The kale flavor completely disappears. All you taste is banana and sweetness from the agave (or honey, or real maple syrup). yum. I was shocked when my kids asked to try it. Seriously, they wanted something green? We called it a “leprachaun shake” which seemed more fun. They sucked it down and asked for seconds!

Who Knew?!!

The second time I snipped some wheat grass and added that too. Again, sucked it down! The following day I made it with spinach and added some frozen dark berries. My 4 yr old wasn’t a big fan of the green color even after I lied and said it was a “green-apple” smoothie. Camouflaging the greens into a rich purple color did the trick. We made a large blender full and filled the remaining into popsicle molds. I had bought so many strawberries, grapes and kale, I knew I needed to freeze some. It’s important to remember FOOD IS LIVING! Once picked, it starts dying and losing its nutrients. If you bought a lot of something, quickly freeze it to preserve its nutrients. Blending up your fruits and veggies and pouring them into popsicle molds or ice-cube trays (to later use for smoothies) is a good tip.

The best produce you can get is from farmers’ markets. I plan to make this a weekly event this Summer. I naively thought farmers’ markets were just a community supporting thing to do and perhaps the fruit tasted fresher. Now I’ve learned the value of buying from farms and markets. Produce can travel up to 2 weeks from farm to store to your home. A lot of nutrients are lost in that time. Buying from the market and quickly consuming or freezing will give you the best bang for your buck. I also didn’t realize how many nutrients are lost in cooking your veggies. If you microwave them in water you lose almost 100% percent! They are best steamed (sitting above the water). Never boil! Still, raw is best! I feel much better getting a little raw down my kids throats via a smoothie than forcing them to eat a huge heap of cooked brocoli.

You’ll be amazed how much LIVING foods make you feel ALIVE!  Duh, makes sense, huh. You’re stomach may bloat and toss and turn at first. You may get a drippy nose or even break out from the detoxification. Go slow and gradually incorporate this new lifestyle. Remarkably, the more fruits and veggies you eat, the more your body will crave them. Drink lots of water too!

 If you have busy mornings, make your smoothy the night before. I made one last night with berries, banana, spinach, wheat grass, lemon, coconut milk and honey. I poured it into a glass and it looks and tastes the same today. How convenient! I can sip it in the bathroom while getting ready for the day. You can also add oj or greek yogurt. Go light on juices though. 1 cup of oj is equivalent to about 5 oranges! Mother nature did not intend for us to have that much sugar and spike our blood sugar so quickly! Whole fruits are balanced with fiber to fill you up.  You would never sit and eat 5 oranges.

The Kids' Breakfast

My boys love waffles. There are lots of whole grain waffles on the market. Buying REAL maple syrup instead of the corn syrup filled version is huge. It’s more spendy, but it’s so sweet. A little goes a long way. You can also add  honey to it to make it last longer.

I hope this inspires you to add some more raw “living foods” to your diet. When you head to the store this week, START with the produce section and load up! Don’t leave the produce section as an after-thought which I’ve been guilty of in the past. Try some new produce and have fun with it. Without even trying, you will eat yourself into a great Summer body and feel great!

All the best! Sarah

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Outdoor Dining Set Makeover

I am SO overdue for a post! I know. I know. I always have a lot on my plate, but lately it feels like a load. I am heping design a house plan, decorate a friend’s home, and it’s Spring Break! We are also getting ready to feature our home in “The Ultimate Tour of Homes” here in Portland, OR this May. The public will come through our house for two weekends. Wow. That means my perfectionist self whips into overdrive, redecorating every square inch of our home that I just decorated 6 months ago. I honestly love these opportunities though because they force me to get projects done! Spring is starting to shine here. My flowers are popping up in the yard and I’m reevaluating my outdoor living space……again. I decided to swap out a fire pit table and chairs for a dining set. I began stalking Craigslist for a teak set I could paint white and shabby chic.

Outdoor furniture is slim pickings right now.  And new stuff is too over-priced. Wooden sets were cracked and covered in moss reminding me of their high-maintance character. So, I searched for a metal dining set instead. Ah ha. There it was. A fabulously ugly taupe painted set with a nice heavy glass top. The seats where a faded-out navy blue. When I stripped off the fabric, I discovered a bonus surprise. There was another layer of fabric in shades of peach and baby blue that I’m pretty sure The Golden Girls had in their kitchen. More stripping. I gave the entire set (and my arms and nostrils) 6 cans of Rust-free white spray paint.

Once the paint dried, it was time to re-upholster the seats. I stapled on some plastic to sort of “waterproof” the seat cushions. Then I stapled on some vintage coffee grain sacks over top. It’s a fun original look that should be durable in the sun and rain. If it doesn’t hold up, I’ll switch to Sunbrella fabric or Oilcloth. I get tired of things so fast anyways. The metal and glass are very durable though. Here’s the final product. Bring on the sunshine and fire up the BBQ! Happy Spring Break everyone. xox, Sarah

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Wordless Weekend – A New Before/After

For Sale - A Twin To My Buffet I Did Last Year!


Before I Gave It New Life


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$65 Sewing/Work-Out Room Makeover!


This has been my glamorous sewing station;  a corner of the floor in the exercise room. Oh, my aching back!

I borrowed my son’s desk for a while as a temporary solution. But, the room was SO boring and uninspiring. So….I stalked Craiglist for a FREE desk, got paint on my hands, and broke out the glue gun. A week later, here it is………

Yikes! The desk was ugly, but FREE on Craigslist! The drawers needed some adjusting and some white paint was in order. But I LOVED the hardware and long size of it. I knew with some TLC, it could look very Potter Barnish.

When this headboard was sitting curbside next to the desk, I knew I needed to take it home like a stray puppy and play with it. Why not?!

We painted the room a cheerful sky-aqua blue. It’s Sherwin Williams Buoyant Blue. It has some aqua undertones that don’t show up well in the photos. It reminds me of a 50’s pool house. I was inspired by my mom 50’s sewing machine and my desire for a “sunny day” look while on the treadmill.

The desk and headboard got two coats of oil-based paint. Not a perfect paint job, but I didn’t care. I knew it would get beat up from my crafting. I screwed the headboard on from the underside.

Cork was a little spendy (at Lowes), and I forgot to buy batting at the fabric store. So, I remembered we had some scraps of carpet padding in the garage. I used spray adhesive to attach it to the headboard. Then I spray glued on some burlap.

Next, I hot glued on some blue trim. The carpet padding held pins SO well!Then Caden and I went of a nature walk around Daddy’s construction lot to look for branches.

Who doesn’t have one of these artificial trees? I am so “over” it! I’ve held on to it for staging our homes, but it really drives me nuts in our house. I figured I could use it with my “nature themed” room. If it’s fake, I might as well go with it and make it totally whimsical and fun. I sprayed the tree with two cans of white spray paint, brushed on some glitter, and hot glued on some coffee filter “flowers”.

The headboard posts had a few holes in them where you would attach it to a bed. I hot glued on some wonderful chocolate-brown buttons to cover the holes.For the tree, I used white wall paint and brown craft paint. I screwed on the branches and whitewashed them.

As for drapery rods, they were FREE too!

Two screw held on the branches. So easy! I used stitch witchery ironing tape to hem my curtains. and I sewed the pom-pom trim on. You could skip the sewing and hot glue instead. I purchased the fabric and trim last year on sale, knowing I would use it eventually.

"Perch" by Duralee, Seaglass Color, I paid $12/yd at Fabric Depot, PDX

Making Silly Faces

I am so excited to use my new room. It is wonderfully divided between my two passions of fitness and crafting making the most out of the space. 

Total cost for this makeover:

Desk: FREE

Wall art: FREE

Whimsical tree: $9 spray paint

Drapery Rods: Free

Paint and Paint Supplies: $30

Fabric and trim: $25

A little Stitch Witchery: $1

TOTAL: $65

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